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Auton and Singletary Roads

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Andrew Thoreson
Mar 2020
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 11700 Singletary Rd., Dade City, FL, Pasco, USA, 33525

1) What It's Like

It's basically a road between a preserve, a landfill, and some fields that birds like. Lots of ducks in the lakes (see directions), huge numbers of sandhill cranes, etc. Plus Withlacoochee River Park up the road is quite nice as well (see our field notes). You can get out of your car and see some, you can zoom in on ponds from fence with long zoom. There is an entrance that is open sometimes by the youth camp and another that I think you aren't supposed to enter but I'm only 90% sure.

2) Kinds of Birds

What seems to stand out is water birds, hawks, less usual ducks, and sandhill cranes but in general odd stuff shows up here.

3) Wildlife

There are rabbits, gopher tortoise, smaller holes for rodents and snakes, and we've seen deer hit by cars.

4) Amenities

Signs that are confusing as to whether you can enter. Besides that - zero.

5) Directions

There may be more to this road that we've discovered yet but this is the layout thus far for us.
The road starts where (I believe) Singletary Rd becomes Auton Rd: the corner with Enterprise Rd. and going north to Withlacoochee River Park. On the right is a farm around 11700 Singletary Rd. Then on the right it becomes wilderness that's connected to the river park. On the left is I believe a landfill - it's a very obvious tall earthworks (landfill). The area on the right between that farm and the park has two lakes (depending on how dry it is) before the youth group camp entrance. The farm's field itself can have quite a few birds seen from the side of the road. We've seen  46 sandhill cranes at once along with quite a few killdeer. To enter the lake area is not terribly clear. As I said above - assume it's not allowed. I just find it confusing. We've seen people let into the youth camp entrance and there is a walk-in entrance by the gate (see pic) - BUT - again assume you're not allowed in and just use a long zoom if you have a hybrid camera. You can see all from the fence if you get right angle.

6) Dear Ranger

First time I saw the sign at the spot where you can walk in I read it as just a "don't hunt, dump, or mess things up" warning.

But then I thought about the "no unauthorized access" at the end and I'm going to side on being careful but it's a brain puzzler IMHO.

If it just said a clear "No Unauthorized Access" and then underneath it put the no dumping or shooting things I think it would be much clearer.

7) Time Requirements

I doubt you'd spend more than 20 minutes.


We've seen this place mentioned quite a bit and had even driven on it before realizing it was here. Generally it's just an easy spot to stop at and walk around taking pictures. You can exert as much or as little effort going towards the two duck ponds. It's very dusty and across the street there may be noise of heavy machinery going but it's still usually a nice stop. Especially if you collect vintage beer cans, which we don't, but there's that.

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