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Paynes Prairie - Hwy 441 Boardwalk

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May 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Observation Platform, Gainesville, FL, Alachua, USA, 32641

1) What It's Like

You pull off the highway where it crosses Payne's Prairie to walk out onto a boardwalk. The prairie has been flooded since hurricane Irma as of the end of 2018 - there's a sink that can and has been clogged with debris. While flooded it's not as interesting as it has been since the water plants are farther back. Still you might see interesting birds.

2) Kinds of Birds

Once in awhile gallinules and wading birds - again while it's a lake. An eagle a bit far off.

3) Wildlife

Alligators - 70% chance of seeing. Wild horses might be on the periphery of the lake as you're driving to approach this.

4) Amenities

None - trail head sign and boardwalk/pier.

5) Directions

It's the only thing half way across the Prairie on 441.

6) Time Requirements

5-20 minutes should cover it.


As I said above - depends on the flooding situation. As of now while its flooded you're looking at a lake with plants. Alligators and wading birds. Worth stopping if driving by but not worth going out of your way for.

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