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Brooker Creek Buffer Preserve

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Jun 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 18202 Patterson Rd, Odessa, FL, Hillsborough, USA, 33556

1) What It's Like

Pointless - for hiking. You walk through some young oaks, then you walk next to some McMansion's back yards and some trees you can't get into.

2) Kinds of Birds

Three ducks flew over us. They were right not to land here.

3) Wildlife

Some signs of deer - also saw deer next to highway few miles away. Gopher tortoise hole.

4) Amenities

They made a gap in the fence. That is all.

5) Directions

Best directions are to go somewhere else. But see our map.

6) Dear Ranger

Good job buying land to expand the size of the wilderness. And thank you for not partiularly publicizing or making this look like it was something you'd want to hike on (not being sarcastic).

7) Time Requirements

We walked for 40 minutes before we gave up on it.


Unless we missed something this is just the county buying land to add on to lands where the good trails are. You CAN hike it but I can't think of any reason anyone would unless they lived right next door.There is no parking lot - you by the side of the road and an opening in the fence. You walk through young oak forest then you're exposed between some pines that you can't enter and the backyards of McMansions. I think there are deer out there but it feels like you're just walking through weeds and random smattering of trees.

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