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Nov 2018
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NOTE: People seem to like to fish here
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Barr St and CR 426, Geneva, FL, Seminole, USA, 32732

1) What It's Like

Only saw a bit but a trail of cabbage palm and oak mostly with a distinctive river through it.

2) Kinds of Birds

We didn't see much but it sounds like most forests like this so they're around. Also there are bare spots so you might have a better shot at seeing them in trees ahead rather than straight up.

3) Wildlife

We didn't see anything but fish - fishing is popular here (or was the day we went)

4) Amenities

Not much but seems to have enthusiastic locals who can point you to things. It's not remote either so gas stations not far.

5) Time Requirements

I'm guessing from map that there are maybe 12 miles of trails including equestrian and by the St.John's River (far from here). So you could keep busy for an afternoon no problem. The river is a 10 minute walk in.


We stopped here briefly on the way home one day. Nice forest trails and the river has it's own personality. The locals seem to be enthusiastic which we thought was a treat.

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