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Withlacoochee River Park

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Sep 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 12449 Withlacoochee Blvd., Dade City, FL, Pasco, USA, 33525

1) What It's Like

Mostly somewhat short oaks, not terrbly dense saw palmetto bushes. On the river are cypress trees. A 3 story tower to climb. Fairly good birding for a forest.

2) Kinds of Birds

Some wading birds, some mixed flock warblers/titmice/etc.

3) Wildlife

Anything is possible since it's connected to the green swamp but we just saw interesting bugs and frogs.

4) Amenities

Bathrooms and a tower, boat launch - it's a pretty nice county park. Maps not great - a big wooden one at the entrance - but that one isn't going anywhere at least.

5) Directions

It's on Auton road which is a good spot to see ducks. West tract of the green swamp is just up the road.

6) Time Requirements

There are about 5 miles of trails so you could spend a half day. We stayed an hour and a half. Neither the tower nor the river are a long walk from parking so you could make it a short trip.


We came out here not quite knowing what to expect. It had early good signs in that there was a diversity of weird bugs and such. The height of the trees made for good birding. We liked the hike but it does have a weird vibe there. The forest floor was weirdly not covered in plants. There's a land fill across the street (it smells fine in the park). It seems like a big park to have so few people there most of the time. Still - worth a visit - especially with the other two destinations so close to diversify your trip. Also St.Leo's basilica and grotto are nearby and interesting and the town of San Antonio has some fun restaurants.

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