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Kapok Park

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Jan 2019
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NOTE: Alligators maybe
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 2950 Glen Oak Ave N, Clearwater, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33759

1) What It's Like

An impressively beautiful municipal park with open grass areas around wetlands with boardwalks and bridges. Fairly good birding. Other parks nearby.

2) Kinds of Birds

Mostly wading birds and gallinules but heard a number of song birds and raptors. I'd imagine it's a descent place for warblers passing through.

3) Wildlife

It's an urban park so maybe alligators (we saw none but they have to be there), maybe something like rabbis or raccoons but again we saw none.

4) Amenities

Saw no bathrooms but paved paths, boardwalks, bridges. Gas stations are around.

5) Directions

It's in a neighborhood so you have to navigate through that.

6) Time Requirements

I'm guessing a half hour to walk through or make it an hour to walk through the similar neighboring Cliff Stevens Park.


You arrive and there's a stream - well it's a sort of managed stree with concrete steering it a bit but still it's nice. You go over a bridge and you probably can spot some birds to the left. And from there you basically wander around along this river with wide lake-like areas and a few bridges and boardwalks. You feel pretty immersed into wetlands here and there despite being in the middle of a lot of suburban housing. It's a very pretty walk - we saw warblers and wading birds.

We didn't walk to what looks like a mirror image park next door: Cliff Stevens Park - but I suspect it's as good of a stop.

Also nearby is Moccasin Lake Nature Park which is a lot of fun though small - read it's writeup.

The Kapok Tree was a gaudy but sort of fun restaurant in St.Pete from the 50s to 1991. Now it is the "Kapok Special Events Center". It was known for having a huge Kapok tree - I think it was this (wiki). They had some odd trees at this park - not sure if they actually have a Kapok tree at this park or if it's just named for the old restaurant up the road.

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