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Lake Panasoffkee

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May 2020
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NOTE: If they survived last hunting season
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 7519 NW 18th Way, Wildwood, FL, Sumter, USA, 34785

1) What It's Like

Hiking isn't advertised as an activity here though you certainly can. Much more about hunting etc. The trails going in are not very forested though there is forest there eventually.

2) Kinds of Birds

We just saw mixed flock birds - warblers, titmice, etc. The plus side of the entrance being exposed is that it's the edge of woods so best way to see birds.

3) Wildlife

The quickest way to see wild-"life" is to stop at the gut dump. Plenty of deer. The parking area is one of the few places I'd say keep an eye out for fox squirrels - the fence posts and field to the side.

4) Amenities

All kinds of instruments to handle deer carcasses that I have no idea about - also huge horse shed.

5) Directions

As far as I know the entrance off highway 44 is the only entrance.

6) Time Requirements

I'm just eyeballing the map and I'd guess it's 8 miles of trails so you could spend a day there maybe though I'd prefer to see some and move on to other things personally.


We've only hiked here once and we certainly haven't seen all of it but it seemed more about hunting, horseback riding, and jeep trails than hiking. Not that you can't hike all of those things just fine. I'm eyeballing the map and there are like 8 miles of trails.

When you enter there's a big permanent place to do whatever it is you do with deer carcasses, a big stable, and a big parking lot. So I'm guessing big things happen here.

If you look at a satellite photo you see that the entrance and where much of the trails are it's not just a flat out field but the trees are thin or far back. So if you're hiking in from the parking area expect it to be a bit dull as far as forested trails go for awhile. Of course that is kind of good for birding - it's much easier to spot birds on the edges of forests than looking up and seeing nothing.

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