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Withlacoochee Croom Tract Nobl-Crm Rd

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Aug 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Nobleton Croom Road, Bushnell, FL, Hernando, USA, 33513

1) What It's Like

A road through the Croom tract forest going north and some of the least official looking entrances to the forest along it.

2) Kinds of Birds

Not a ton but typical forest birds - cardinals, wren, maybe some warblers.

3) Wildlife

Anything is possible and it can be open enough here that you might be able to spot deer etc. Have seen fox squirrels and a deer or two along the road.

4) Amenities

Room to pull your car over and jeep trails to walk along.

5) Directions

You can follow my GPS coordinates for the one I mentioned but there are several obvious jeep trails to try.

6) Time Requirements

It really depends how far you want to walk. You'll cross the Florida Trail before too long with most of these.


See main overview page for context/maps.

It's a pretty road that you often take going to or from the northern I75 exit to get to anything in the Croom Tract. We've seen Fox Squirrels along it and maybe a deer or two. However if you want a short cut to see the NE part of the forest or just want to see another path there are several along here. I used GPS coordinates and photos of one spot we visited just because it looked more interesting on satellite photos. There are however several places you can pull a car over and you see people doing it. It's mostly oak forest along the road here - you have to go in a ways to get into the mostly pine areas. The official trails are more interesting but there are nice hikes in here just the same.

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