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Johnson Pond Withlacoochie

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Andrew Thoreson
Jun 2017
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NOTE: Sand, not so much grass but iffy maintenance
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1) What It's Like

A 90% gone pond you can't get to, a dry oak forest, deer, and tons of deer flies. Still - kind of interesting.

2) Kinds of Birds

Forest birds and if you have a very long zoom or want to walk a long way on a dry lake bed - wading birds and maybe ducks. It's unlikely you'll see the ducks.

3) Wildlife

Seem to be a lot of deer.

4) Amenities

Bad signs, pointless ancient pier. Permission to fish in a dry lake bed.

5) Dear Ranger

Most of "Experience" fits here.

6) Time Requirements

It took us like 45 minutes to try to walk around the lake part way (cypress trees got in the way). It is forest right away so you could (and should) focus on forest birds early on.


This place has promise but it has some huge flaws. This is part of Withlacoochie State Forest Two Mile Prairie. The whole place is 8 miles of trails - we just came to see Johnson Pond which is maybe 1/5th of the park.

The first problem is there wasn't really a pond. I went digging through old satellite and the last time I can see it was full of water was 1995 and since 2007 it's been what it is now - 90% gone. There's a pier on what was once the edge of pond but from it you can only see a little spot way on the other end where water plants still grow. On the trail head someone used a knife to scratch "pond is dry" - if only the people who run these things would say that on their website instead of having photos that coyly move the camera in such a way to show the pier and not the water - go look (as of 1/2019). It's a huge waste of a day jerks!I love that it says you're allowed to fish there - I'm picturing someone casting their line out into a dusty field and catching anoles.

The pier is woodwork from our Kurt Cobain era forefathers - it's kind of hilarious how parts are patched together with strips of wood and rusty nails. I don't know why some boardwalks they tear down for know reason and others like this there's no point of it existing but they keep it up.

Anyhow - moving right along.

We only walked around the pond area. It's very sandy dry mostly oak forest. On the far end it's a lot of cypress trees. There is wildlife in here saw lots of evidence of deer but the worst evidence was pretty thick and hungry deer flies. Be prepared in summer for that - they suck.

It's called Withlacoochie but the the Withlacoochie river is actually across the street - you can't see it from this property.

I'd like to see more of the larger park because it seems like it's it's own different thing but like I said - flaws.

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