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Ferndale Preserve

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Aug 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 19220 County Rd 455, Clermont, FL, Lake, USA, 34715

1) What It's Like

More an overgrown lot than a ecosystem. Not shaded, has some view of Lake Apopka. Next to big lake that attracts birds though so maybe there is good birding at different times.

2) Kinds of Birds

I think we saw a hawk and some mockingbirds. But middle of day in summer is the worst time to evaluate birding.

3) Wildlife

Saw none but would expect there is racoon, snakes, etc.

4) Amenities

Bathroom, great signs.

5) Directions

No secret to it. CR455 goes around the lake - follow phone directions. Do visit Green Mountain overlook while you're there too.

6) Time Requirements

To get to the water you'll need I'm guessing 45 minutes - it was closed so we turned around after like 20 minutes.


It's easy to do in in late August in Florida but we had a terrible time here. It's on the west side of lake apopka which is in general a big birding area. They have fantastic infographic signs, and it should be a nice view of the lake. BUT- it feels like an overgrown lot next to someone's house. Like it seems this was cleared land no more than 25 years ago and trees haven't had the chance to give shade or develop into a real ecosystem yet. We didn't get to see the water's edge because it was closed due to alligator nesting season but didn't get the sense that we missed a lot - plus it was going to be a long hot walk. Didn't see many birds but that may be different at dawn/dusk and winter birding season. We'd stop again if visiting other things in the area but definitely wouldn't go out of our way to visit. I expect it's going to develop into a great park in time.

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