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Venice Pier

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Andrew Thoreson
Jan 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1600 Harbor Dr S, Venice, FL, Sarasota, USA, 34285

1) What It's Like

A pier for fishing and tourists with restaurant and shops at start. Coast is different here than other parts of gulf coast florida. Feels like you're in a very happening spot in a small town when you're here. Odd that there's not condos etc all over.

2) Kinds of Birds

At dusk - we saw some pelicans and that was about it.

3) Wildlife

I would be surprised to see any.

4) Amenities

Bathrooms, food, view.

5) Directions

Look up "Sharky's on the pier" on your GPS.

6) Time Requirements

30 minutes and we were done. More if you eat there of course. Bit of a drive to get here.


It's a pier that goes out fairly far. People fish on it and lots of people just enjoy walking out for the view. At the start is a big restaurant that gets packed and I think some shops are there as well. It's an odd spot on the Florida gulf coast where you have no barrier islands, the sand is darker - some say black but it isn't, and it gets deep very slowly compared to other beaches on gulf coast which would already be described as getting deep very slowly. Feels like you're in a very happening spot in a small town when you're here. Odd that there's not condos etc all over.

Venice itself I've never spent enough time in to figure it out. We just drove to this pier to see the sunset. It seemed like it took a bit of time to drive through - not 2 stoplight town. Everything was painted the same white color and had the look of Sarasota - that weird wealth. Store fronts that only have printouts of condos for sale. A bunch of boutiques that only sell moo moos (what is the name for this?) and gaudy costume jewelry to post menopausal rich white women. Someone's dream but nothing I've ever had any moment of understanding. Might be great - this is just what I thought I was seeing while driving through on one road.

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