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Agricola Mine Rd.

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Nov 2017
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1) What It's Like

Get out signs from phosphate company, torn up land, long drive, read the Experience section.

2) Kinds of Birds

We thought: ducks. But didn't have much luck beyond some coots. Some birds in trees along road that were more than a typical roadside. Kingfisher, warblers, red winged black birds, red shouldered hawk, and a kestrel.

3) Wildlife

Would believe deer but saw nothing.

4) Amenities

Few gas stations and at least one we went to was just depressed. As in the most poop I've seen smeared around a bathroom and despite people hanging out in the gas station nobody really cared which seemed really weird. I've been to countries where people pooped in the river and they would have cleaned this up. SO - definitely think about getting gas and bathroom breaks when you see a non-creepy gas station.

5) Directions

First - remember we didn't find what we were looking for so you could consider going a different way! Also doing this awhile after the fact from memory.
I believe what we did was first was visit District Line Road - close and that one was interesting. Then north through Agricola... not sure you can tell you're passing a town when the map says so. So that's North on Hwy 55. Then - turn left on Agricola road. It winds around a bit. We stopped at random here and there. That lake our GPS coordinates points to. I want to say we went right (north) on Old State Highway 37 and eventually out of the area.

6) Time Requirements

Awhile to get there then it's however many places you want to stop along a road.


Get ready for a crappy writeup - this is a summary of what we could not find really.

There are tons of duck ponds in in the area because companies tore the hell out of the entire region looking for phosphate before the EPA existed. It's an unnatural area - that works out well for mountain bikers. The problem we had was that unlike everywhere else you go when you drive around in rural areas you see houses and when you stop your car it doesn't have fences and signs EVERYWHERE for miles saying what you might take away as: this is all our nature, set foot on it and you'll go to jail. And they are all the same sign/company so just a bad feeling of "get out" for miles. Unless you know those signs aren't enforced or something it was a pretty pointless area for us. We stopped on the side of the road a few spots and saw a few things but that's it. Also when I've made maps showing drive times this area always shows up as being unusually slow to drive to - not a lot of interstate and highway coverage.

District Line Road was in the area and that was kind of interesting. Somewhere around here on the drive out it was raining and we saw a quarry type lake that had trucks parked by it - so looked like maybe you actually could approach it. So there might be more to this area but that's as good as we could determine.

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