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Dead River Park

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Sep 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 15098 Dead River Rd, Thonotosassa, FL, Hillsborough, USA, 33592

1) What It's Like


I've been here about 5 times. It's only open weekends but it's also sometimes closed because it's wet. It's basically the Hillsborough River State Park continued but owned by the county. I assume it has a similar feel but don't know yet.

2) Kinds of Birds

Say a least bittern in the lake next to the road while a guy was mowing his lawn... might be good things.

3) Wildlife

Anything is possible since it's part of a wide swath of protected land. The forest is generally so dense in Hillsborough River SP that you don't get to see too much so this is likely similar.

4) Amenities

A very effective gate and restrictive hours.

5) Directions

The end of Dead River Road.

6) Dear Ranger

I wish you had a bigger budget to have more hours.


If you are also denied entry you can enter the combo Model Dairy / Wetlands Restoration trail part of Hillsborough State Park / Fort King Trail segment on the right as you approach the gate to this. Barely room to park.

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