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Chinsegut WEA Big Pine Tract

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Mar 2019
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NOTE: Not totally exposed but tall pines not all that shady
NOTE: More that it can be a bit uneven to walk here.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 11783 Old Crystal River Rd, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, USA, 34601

1) What It's Like

Remarkabe forest of tall old pines, remarkable birds, remarkable wildlife, on a gentle but noteworthy hill for Florida.

2) Kinds of Birds

Many but especially red headed wood peckers, night hawks, blue birds - seen summer tanagers a few times here as well.

3) Wildlife

Deer are active and running around like they found the berries with caffeine.

4) Amenities

Chem toilet (or composting maybe), picnic table near the entrance - as inviting as those things can be.

5) Directions

There's only one entrance. Going north from Brooksville - Old Crystal River Road splits off US41 like a Y - it's not a huge road so you could miss it. It's a few minutes up that road on the right. Pretty easy to spot parking area.

6) Dear Ranger

Fantastic job - thank you!

7) Time Requirements

Despite feeling big - it's not. From the map looks like about 4 miles of trails, most of which is a big loop.


I think this is a pretty special place though not huge. There are two Chinsegut locations. One is has an education center and the other this. It has some unique birds though they are more of a continuation of the general area - Withlacoochie Croom Tract. Red headed woodpeckers, bluebirds, and just in general interesting birds. Some forests deer seem to just own. Rock Springs Run reminds me of this - you'd walk around and 7 deer would just fly across the trail by you. The general layout is you enter and it's a big loop with a half-way short cut. It has old pines - you can spot some that have damage from when they drained sap to make turpentine here. Below the pines is just general scrubby growth rather than palmettos in some other areas. The entire loop starts out at a high point and has a fair amount of altitude change (for Florida) as it goes to the furthest point from the entrance. So it's like it's all on a big hillside. Pretty nice forest. Also - there's more on the other side of the highway I haven't explored enough to make much comment on yet other than that it seems more oak than pine.

More the other Chinsegut location than this - they are very active - meaning they have lots of activities scheduled and the staff is extra cool / friendly / energetic.

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