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Lake Kissimmee State Park

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Feb 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 14248 Camp Mack Rd, Lake Wales, FL, Polk, USA, 33898

1) What It's Like

We'd like to know but I doubt we'll try again.

2) Directions

Be aware that another park can look very close on a map but the actual road that takes you there can be many times further away.

3) Dear Ranger

If you guys close 40 minutes before sundown could you advertise it on your website - and not have enormous signs at the entrance that say otherwise?

Also the trend is to be friendly when greeting the public - it would make the random closing times a lot easier to bear on the drive home.


This and a few parks like it are a huge hassle to get to because they're along a strip of Florida with no roads crossing the state due to a string of lakes being in the way. Most remote parks like this you can make work as a road trip by stopping off while crossing the state to see other things. These - it's just a long drive and then a long drive back.

So we were really not enjoying this white haired authoritarian man at the ranger station that pointed at the sun and curtly said something like "it's sunset - we don't let people in at sunset". This was 40 minutes before the earliest definition of sunset/twilight for the day and while almost leaning against an enormous road sign stating the closing time to be the same. It was comical to listen to him and look to the right at the sign.

In an effort to just drive through one last park on a road trip we've been to dozens of state parks with less than 30 minutes until sundown. There's never been an issue except maybe some rangers at the front gate will go as far as to remind you when closing time is in a friendly tone of voice.

So thanks old man for out bad attituding us, keeping us whipper snappers in our place, and adding a pointless hour and a half to our trip home.

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