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Withlacoochie Gulf Preserve

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Jan 2019
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1) What It's Like

Forest as it turns into salt marsh. Very pretty. Not packed with birds but we saw a couple interesting ones.

2) Kinds of Birds

We saw a few wading birds and a yellow bellied sapsucker.

3) Wildlife

I'd believe anything but we saw nothing.

4) Amenities

A nice education center that may be closed and nice boardwalks and observation tower.

5) Directions

The turnoff isn't super obvious and you follow a rough narrow road to get in. A car is fine but it might be bumpy. The first parking area will be on your left where you'll see a trailhead sign and boardwalk. Fair number of people should be around. The education center is obvious when you get there and it's not quite the same distance on as it was to get to the red.

6) Time Requirements

I'd definitely give it an hour since it's a place you tend to want to go slow and appreciate the views. Maybe you could spend 2 hours if you did the couple parts we skipped. I suppose you could stay shorter if you just went out to the observation tower for a peek.


On the map in the photos I believe we parked at #1 and did the red trail and #3 to climb the observation deck. The red trail is a boardwalk over more dry land that wetlands that goes around a salt water pond and overlooks some salt marsh with patches of tree/islands visible. Very pretty and very accessible. We saw a couple wading birds and we saw a yellow bellied sapsucker on the way back to parking.

The observation tower is a bit past an a nice education center that was closed when we arrived. The center is on the edge of one of those islands and a berm road/trail goes further out with an observation deck (3 floors up). It overloops quite a bit of salt marsh and islands with the ocean in the far distance.

Very pretty - defenitely worth stopping and it's not really much of a hike so anyone could do it. I wouldn't say it was packed with birds but we did see a sapsucker and wouldn't be surprised if warblers stopped through here.

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