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St.Francis Trail Ocala NF

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Aug 2018
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1) What It's Like

This is the southeast edge of the Ocala National Forest. It's a very dense forest of cabbage palms, palmettos, and live oaks for the most part. It tends to be wet and can flood to a degree. Pretty unique place.

2) Kinds of Birds

We heard some but it's so dense we didn't really see flocks of titmice flying through or anything like that.

3) Wildlife

Has to have some since it's part of Ocala National Forest but we saw none: the trail was VERY wet so not much in the way of tracks.

4) Amenities

Gas stations etc are nearby.

5) Dear Ranger

There are a lot of panties in your parking lot. Not judging - just saying.

6) Time Requirements

I believe it's an 8 mile loop so to do it all assume more than half a day. But it's pleasant immediately if you want to do a short walk.


We arrived late in the day. It was pretty easy to find and it seemed like it was 2 hours closer to sunset as soon as we started the trail from all the shade. So the things that made it stand out was that it was very enclosed and shaded, that it was very wet, that it had a lot of cabbage palms, but also it just had some plants along the trail I can't recall seeing before. I don't know all plants but you get a feel for when you're around something different.

The trail must be wet most of the time because people had put down things like you see people stand on in industrial kitchens at the low spots. So thick plastic sheets with holes so you don't slip. There may be ruins at the end of the trail but we didn't make it too far - it just became too flooded to continue.

Definitely a fun trail and probably one of the more convenient ways into a piece of the Ocala National Forest.

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