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Seminole SF Casia Trail

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Aug 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 29798 Brantley Branch Rd, Eustis, FL, Lake, USA, 32736

1) What It's Like

A big forest next to other big forests so nice hike and good chance for wildlife - bears possible as well. Mixed pine, hardwood, and often dense undergrowth. We didn't go miles and miles in - it may change.

2) Kinds of Birds

We saw turkeys, ducks, and some typical forest birds. It changed from dense to not dense so you tended to see things that are normally invisible way above you in the canopy.

3) Wildlife

We saw deer, turkey, and a *coral snake - plus it's in an area with lots of bear crossing signs so it's pretty great for wildlife.

(*dead sadly)

4) Amenities

Chem toilet at parking area.

5) Directions

By our map the address there is the entrance we used and I think the most likely to be used.

6) Time Requirements

It's 25,000 acres and connects via the Florida Trail to other things so you could spend days I'm guessing. It's interesting right out of the gate though so a 15 minute walk would still be nice.


We stopped in here on the way to Rock Springs and it was pretty impressive right away. There are a several trails from the start - Florida Trail, another trail, and a jeep trail. It started out as what seemed like being right into the deep woods. Saw deer and turkey in the trees right off. Before long there was a pond with ducks and a little change in terrain. So in general mixed pine and life oaks (hardwoods) with lots of undergrowth and patches of being out of tree cover.

There was just generally a nice diversity of plants and insects - why I think people like older forests with deeper ecosystems.

Definitely thumbs up - more for hiking than birding.

The area is full of great places to hike and bird (and even tourist spots) so check things out.

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