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Withlacoochee Croom Tract Tucker Hill South

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Sep 2018
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NOTE: Not grassy but slope and irregular
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 26416 County Rd 480 W, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, USA, 34601

1) What It's Like

Dense oak forest that leads to open pine with low vegetation and interesting environment specific birds. Steep altitude change for Florida but less than north side.

2) Kinds of Birds

Pine areas the best - night hawks and red headed woodpeckers especially, some warblers etc. Oak forest some raptors (vulture, hawk, owl).

3) Wildlife

Deer etc but more likely to see it in pine area or along road in - forest is dense otherwise. Tracks along easement.

4) Amenities

I think there are bathrooms off the parking lot but I've never looked close.

6) Time Requirements

It's about 30 minutes to reach the pines maybe 20 minutes to cross the power line easement jeep trail. You could spend the entire day here doing all the loops.


See main overview page for context/maps.

Tucker Hill North, South, and the Secret Entrance to the Florida Trail are similar. They start out going through dense oak forest then at some point enter a relatively open area of tall old pines with low misc plants underneath.

To compare this to the other trails:

The FT secret entrance trail - very similar but less altitude changes and quite a bit close to get to the power line easement and where it turns into pines instead of oaks - close but have had more luck with night hawks and red headed woodpeckers there.

The bike parking area trail is even shorter to reach the power line easement but as far as I've explored it stays dense oak forest.

Tucker north is even more altitude change - it makes you feel winded - and there is more wildlife in the forest itself then it opens up on pine that with a bit more oak mixed in and a camping area.

I'd say what makes this one stand out is that the hilliness is interesting throughout and when it opens up into the pine area it seems more enclosed like a cathedral - not quite that big of a deal but it seems like a bit more of a magical area than other pine areas.

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