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Lake Morton

Birding / Hiking / Adventuring Roadtrip Info

Andrew Thoreson
Mar 2022
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NOTE: Though ducks/swans/geese only
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 100 Lake Morton Dr, Lakeland, FL, Polk, USA, 33801

1) What It's Like

It's a lake in the middle of a nice central neighborhood in Lakeland always has some specific unique birds - foremost would be the swans given to the city by the queen of england, but also black swans, white pelicans, greylag geese, domestic geese, gallinules, coots, wood storks, and various ducks and wading birds. You just walk around a 20ft rim of grass while the birds follow you if you have any hint of bread.

2) Kinds of Birds

Mute swan, black swan, gallinule, white pelican, wood storks, greylag goose, domestic goose, domestic duck - those are probably pretty reliable. Also coots, misc ducks, wading birds.

3) Wildlife

Maybe turtles - it's a city.

4) Amenities

There are picnic benches in there somewhere. Otherwise it's very urban so not far to find what you want.

5) Directions

Search GPS for Lake Morton - it's a circle so it really doesn't matter where you enter.

6) Time Requirements

For a single spot you might stay longer than you expect but I'd assume at least 10 minutes. Most we've ever walked is one block so not much traveling time.


it's a circular road around the lake. You drive around and you'll see the swans pretty quicking - they are huge. Some areas they tend to hang out in more than others. People often bring bread to feed the various birds so the birds often approach you in case you're holding. If you actually feed something it's a bit disturbing to see a realy army of every kind of birds running across the grass towards you. But usually it just means you can see some fairly rare birds close up. For fun search for stories on people stealing swan eggs and cygnets - bizarre - though not by any means an every day thing.

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