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War Veterans Memorial Park

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Andrew Thoreson
Apr 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Saint Petersburg, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33708

1) What It's Like

It shows up as a moderately good birding spot but the problem is it is just a spot to sit and wait - it has BBQs. No hiking. So if you want to sit here and wait for birds you might have luck but that's not for us.

2) Kinds of Birds

Didn't see any but anything could and likely does pass through.

3) Amenities

BBQs etc.

4) Time Requirements

I wouldn't bother stopping but it's just a stop, not a trail - wait 1 minute to 1 day.


We tried what we thought was a trail but I think it was just an area with less plants. Nice for picnics if you're local though.

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