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Bayard Conservation Area

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Mar 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: State Road 16, Green Cove Springs, FL, Clay, USA, 32043

1) What It's Like

Pleasant forest walk. Not too exposed, not too enclosed, feels like it's wild enough that you'll see and here birds and wildlife. Would like to visit again. Bordered by St.John's River. Share some trails with horse riders.

2) Kinds of Birds

General forest though along a river so maybe better than the average forest. We heard some unidentified birds and didn't see much but it was a short walk for us.

3) Wildlife

Again - didn't stay long but it just seems like you should run into deer and turkey.

4) Amenities

Nothing really. I want to say not even a chemical toilet. But the entrance is close to convenience stores etc.

5) Directions

Just up the road from town of Green Cove Springs.

6) Dear Ranger

We didn't go far enough in to have a chance to get lost from signage but at the start got a definite "we do not care about this" vibe regarding the signs. Six spraypainted out placards on one post so post says nothing, one six month old "trail closed" sign we just walked past because it was a faded inkjet printout from when Hurricane Irma came through.

7) Time Requirements

Forest starts right away so you can keep it short. From map I'm guestimating it would take an hour to reach the closest part of the St.John's (turn left) and that if you did the longest loop it would be a few hours.


It's a pretty pleasant forest walk. We didn't have time to do miles of it but we'd stop again if we were at all nearby. The park is bordered by the St.John's river. Much of it is shared as a hiking and horse trail. Not getting the impression anyone cares a great deal about signage and repairs here so maybe watch turn on the GPS track on a phone app.

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