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Perry Oldenburg WMA

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Apr 2020
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NOTE: Usually see deer.
NOTE: Very little is exposed
NOTE: Grass isn't overwhelming anywhere really
NOTE: WMAs get a sign - that is about it.
NOTE: Should be here but have not seen yet
NOTE: Deer and occassional grass but never run into ticks
 LOCATION: Accuracy: Read me
Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 13489 Government Rd, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, USA, 34601

1) What It's Like

It's a forest - it's interesting more for hiking than birding but it gets some of the oddball birds you see at croom like flocks of night hawks. Usually we see deer. Some of the trees are old and it feels like a living forest. The Florida trail runs through it. We like it a lot, espcially since it's so close to other great forests here.

2) Kinds of Birds

Oddball things that can remember - random warblers. Red headed woodpeckers. Night hawks over the pond.

3) Wildlife

There is a family of deer we usually see. They often cross the road when coming in.

4) Amenities

WMAs have signs and that is about it.

5) Directions


Searching for directions on phone might take you to the wrong place and the entrance is hidden. See pictures.

Chinsegut WEA is on US41 / N Broad St. Going north from Brooksville you'll pass the triangular entrance to Chinsegut on left and on the right you'll see Deer Run Rd. Which is apt because more often than not deer leap across this road for us. Maps change Deer Run Rd into Government road and they call 2 roads that turn off of it Government road. Not important other than to say don't trust your phone's directions. So - just take Deer Run Rd all the way until it makes a hard left. Right there you see "Yes Dear Ln" and on the right are two dirt driveways. If you look close there's a little brown sign with an arrow. So take that the right-most dirt road. Once you round the corner there will be a proper sign.

This address SHOULD be in the vicinity:
13489 Government Rd, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, USA, 34601

6) Dear Ranger

The sign could be much better but other than that love this park!

7) Time Requirements

Since the Florida Trail goes through it you could go for days if you wanted to. At least an hour if you want to wander around I'd guess though.


Perry Oldenburg is pretty great for being so easy to miss. It's right next to Chinsegut and Withlacoochee Croom Tract. The Florida Trail goes through it. We almost always see deer. Once you get through the gate the trailhead sign is ahead far enough that you might not at first see it. Most of it is covered forest and it's just pleasant in our opinions. If you take the loop on the left you'll pass a little pond that sometimes has wildlife or birds. Keep going and you'll cross a jeep trail / powerline easement. If you go forward you're on the Florida Trail and it switches from being mostly oak forest to being mostly pine forest like Croom. If you turn right at the jeep trail - Well we've gone right at the entrance, taken an unmarked side trail and hit this jeep trail and seen wildlife on it. So there's interesting wandering around to do that's still on trails (you're not bushwhacking). I'm not sure if all the loop is the Florida Trail and not - and I'm not sure where it leaves Perry Oldenburg because you see it cross Deer Run rd further up. Sorry if this isn't a definitive guide - we try to give the feel of a place good or bad more than give maps.

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