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Ollies Pond Park

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Dec 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 18235 Avon Ave, Port Charlotte, FL, Charlotte, USA, 33948

1) What It's Like

A large duck pond in a residential neighborhood. Path around the perimeter and a good amount of birds. Worth going to if you want to see ducks and wading birds though not exactly a thrilling hike.

2) Kinds of Birds

Ducks in general, wading birds, gallinules/coots, and in general birds are around. Ducks are the main draw.

3) Wildlife

Little yappy dogs on leashes being walked by a senior citizen most likely. Probably an alligator in there.

4) Amenities

Little parking area - no bathrooms etc.

5) Directions

You might have to drive around the lake to find the parking lot but GPS might point to right place.

6) Time Requirements

You pull right up to it so you can keep it short - I doubt you'd spend more than 40 minutes total here.


This place was supposed to have a good amount of ducks and it did. It's not a wilderness adventure - just a pretty big pond with the right depth to grow the right plants to have ducks and other birds. You pull off the highway and it's like 1,000 other SW Florida neighborhoods. A lot of snowbirds (as in retirees) and other people in single story homes. You run into the lake on one twist after a previous turn and you make your way around to the parking area. There were a few people there walking around, friendly for the most part. We saw enough birds to be worth going 40 minutes out of the way. If you're in it for hiking more than birding then there are probably other places you'd get more out of. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood park folks =)

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