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Cedar Key Scrub Preserve

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Andrew Thoreson
Jan 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: State Road 24, Cedar Key, FL, Levy, USA, 32625

1) What It's Like

By no means did we see all of this place. I'm not even sure if there was another entrance we missed.  But what we hiked and from what we could tell it was a bunch of scrub just tall enough so you couldn't see anything. The world's most boring hedge maze. Please shout out if we just went on a bad day or something because we really wanted to like this place.

2) Kinds of Birds

Saw none. Their website has a scrub jay on it and I this looks like the kind of place for them - so that would be good. But - didn't even hear any birds. There is a pond to the left of the entrance off the highway that (in winter) can be productive).

3) Wildlife

Saw deer tracks. Do deer flies count?

4) Amenities

None but a parking area and trail head. Cedar Key is close though so bathrooms etc there and at a nice gas station up the road.

5) Directions

Near bridge to Cedar Key.

6) Time Requirements

You could probably spend an entire day hiking around here, though I shudder to imagine it.


We love Cedar Key but this place sucked. We didn't hike the whole thing by any means but the main "feature" we could see was scrub at exactly the right height so you can't see over it and not tall enough for birds to really be in them. Also zero shade so the sun gets awfully irritating. It's like the worlds most boring hedge maze. On the way back with binoculars I saw a vulture on a distant pine and I was excited. Granted we didn't go miles in and maybe it gets more interesting but didn't get that sense. Also on the day we went the deer flies were very aggressive. Shell mound around the back of this place is a better stop.

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