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Seminole Ranch WMA

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Jul 2023
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1) What It's Like

Not sure - we just stopped while passing to get shot of trailhead if it could be of use to anyone. I'm sure we'll visit it more later. Across street from Orlando Wetlands and abuts Tosohatchee WMA... two great spots.

2) Wildlife

It's next to Tosohatchee and people hunt here so assume lots of wildlife. Watch for demon cows too (see below).

3) Amenities

None visible but there are bathrooms across the street.

4) Directions

Across the street from Orlando Wetlands, adjacent to Tosahatchee.

5) Time Requirements

It doesn't look short. Florida Trail runs through it.


This is right across the street from Orlando Wetlands and all we did was stop at the trailhead to take pictures in case just that info would help someone - it looks interesting enough to hike on, we've always just been so wiped out from doing this and Tosahatchee (which borders this) to think of it. One very weird thing - first time we went to Orlando Wetlands we heard horrifying sounds coming from here that were EXTREMELY LOUD - like a mile away and could hear it very well out in a windy area. Couldn't see anything. But we just assumed it was someplace that slaughtered cattle and that today was the day. Cows were making very loud upset noise as a herd and occasional shrieks. Sometimes you would hear a muffled voice over an intercom. Went on the whole time we were hiking and it was kind of like hell was going on next door. I looked at a satellite view later and the sounds did not match what we saw but after visiting the site it looks like cattle graze here and... I have no idea what they were doing to them.

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