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Juniper Springs, Ocala NF

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Jan 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Juniper Springs, Astor, FL, Lake, USA, 32102

1) What It's Like

It's a swimming place for families where a spring was turned into more of a pool than a pond. The Florida Trail passes near by but not writing about that right here. Not much here otherwise.

2) Kinds of Birds

It's a big wilderness but birding was kind of subpar.

3) Wildlife

Bears had ripped bark off trees and there were warning signs so expect wildlife as a possibility here.

4) Amenities

Swimming area, shop, bathrooms, everything related.

5) Dear Ranger

A clear sign as to where the Florida Trail is would be very welcome. We had to ask ranger for directions and if someone didn't walk out in front of us we wouldn't have spotted it from her directions (thumb over shoulder kind of thing).

6) Time Requirements

25 minutes would cover it unless you go swimming or start down the Florida Trail.


We have not spent enough time in Ocala National Forest to really "Get it" - BUT - this is my understanding of this place:

The Florida trail runs through the whole thing and generally is considered to go from point A to B, B to C, C to D. Two of those letters would be Juniper Springs and Alexander Springs - two springs people generally bring their kids to to swim at.

The Florida trail here is actually a little bit outside the front gate to the area - so be careful while driving because people squeeze out between trees and cross the road periodically. We haven't hiked this yet so this is only about the actual Juniper Creek spring area.

There's not much here as far as hiking - you can walk around the place and last we were there bears were in the area tearing up trees so despite it mainly being for families it is in the wild.

You enter and spring head is made into a pool type thing on the surface - circular. There's an exit area to that and it turns a paddle wheel. The wheel house has info about the CCC. Go behind it and there's a bridge that's not safe and I'm guessing the national parks service doesn't think is worth spending a buck fifty to fix. It's pretty but that is about it. Unless you're a parent then I'd describe the snack bar etc.

Most springs have a spring head and a run that drains into a river - this one you don't really see it go anywhere.



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