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Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve SP

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Apr 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 13802 Pumpkin Hill Road, Jacksonville, FL, Duval, USA, 32226

1) What It's Like

We didn't stop long enough to know but it seemed like a prairie (ie not a forest exactly) with a good amount of deer in there somewhere.

2) Kinds of Birds

We saw some songbirds in the parking lot. A couple warblers, cardinals, bluebirds, catbird. So that's not bad.

3) Wildlife

Deer aparently but we didn't see any - just tracks.

4) Amenities

Don't think there was a bathroom or anything - just a trail. There were offices / trailers / staff on site.

5) Directions

Use address on our map. There are other entrances that are locked and weird.

6) Time Requirements

We didn't give it enough probably.


First off - we might not have given this park enough time. However there are people who like licorice and those that don't. Similarly there are people who like parks that aren't forests... they're more like fields with trees in the distance. We don't like those trails - although I get that those ecosystems should be protected. SO - our experience was we got there in the morning, walked a ways in some sand, saw some deer tracks, didn't see much coming up and left. It sounded good when described but - well it looked not so promising and we had a lot of plans for the day. There were birds in the parking lot but that wasn't parlayaing into birds in the park so well. Please shout out if it was gold if we walked for 20 more minutes. Another thing - if you use your phone for directions there are multiple entrances. One is through a neighborhood with tremendous amounts of uncollected garbage and a locked gate. Our map points to the right one.

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