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Felts Audobon Preserve

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Andrew Thoreson
Nov 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 4600 24th Ave E, Palmetto, FL, Manatee, USA, 34221

1) What It's Like

It's a small 27 acre birding park in a somewhat rural but residential neighborhood. It's well maintained - bird blind, mowed paths, etc. It's not an old forest. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm about it but I've yet to see a single sign this is a bird hotspot.

2) Kinds of Birds

Supposedly painted buntings frequent here but I've only seen what I see everywhere: cardinals, doves, red bellied woodpckers, palm warblers, yellow rumped warblers, and I think a heron once. And not many of those. Never seen birds at the feeders. Maybe there's some trick to it like only at sunrise or certain times of the year or I just keep having terrible luck. Despite that it's a nice enough place to go for a walk.

3) Wildlife

It's not near any larger forest so like nearly anywhere in florida just squirels, maybe racoon / possum / armadillo.

4) Amenities

It's very well put together and maintained. The bird blind even has air conditioning I believe. I don't recall seeing restrooms but there's a gas station a mile away.

5) Directions

Large grassy parking area though once we had to park on the street.

6) Time Requirements

You could walk to any spot in this place in under 10 minutes. Unlikely you could spend more than an hour here.


As I said above we've stopped here several times on the way to other places and although it is supposed to be a hotspot it's always been less impressive than nearly any other wooded place we've been. Love to find out I'm missing something here because otherwise it's a pleasant place to stop.

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