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Solomon's Castle

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Nov 2017
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NOTE: Not woods but houses spread way out for miles
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 4533 Solomon Rd, Ona, FL, Hardee, USA, 33865

1) What It's Like

It's a house in a rural area where an artist made a 2 story house a huge mass of - let's call it whimsical folk art. So the house is covered in shiny sheet metal, there's sculptures of stuff in the yard - that to the maximum degree with a little restaurant on the side. Most people love this kind of thing. My reaction was I don't regret stopping but I would if I spent more than a half hour.


2) Kinds of Birds

Saw nothing but not a hot spot by any means.

3) Wildlife

I'd say none but we saw a stripped skunk that was freshly run over. If you squinted and pretended it was alive it was a beautiful animal. Also - our first Sherman's Fox Squirrel was in a yard along the road near here. So keep your eyes open in the general area.

4) Amenities

Two docents/volunteers per visitor. A restaurant. I don't think there was a gas station anywhere close by.


5) Dear Ranger

Like I told your friends - No - I do not want to buy tickets to the tour!

6) Time Requirements

If you go in expect an hour or more. There's not all that much to the outside but I'd suggest stopping at least once even just for that if you were in the area. Outside - 15 minutes.



When we arrived first thing we noticed was that it was a odd crowd in the parking lot. Not saying these are all bad or related but - lots of motorcycle riders, trucks with right wing stickers, your uncle who talks about attacking Hilary Clinton way too much at thanksgivings, and at least a as many just normal people who could probably get into a 55+ community.

Then you walk not far and you're in the front yard of this 2 story house that's been wrapped in tin foil (not really - and it was well done but that's what it seems like). Then you look around and tons of stuff that's like industrial versions of lawn flamingos. And then a restaurant on the side.

I found myself walking way around many people who looked like they were going to instruct me on things I didn't care about (docents/guides). But don't let me ruin your experience.

Inside - more of the same. Did I mention we saw a cool dead skunk on the way in?

My original notes on this were "Capitalizing on a dead man's mental illness". That's a bit harsh.

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