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Paynes Prairie Bolen Bluff

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Mar 2018
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1) What It's Like

Pretty thick oak forest and an earthen slope into Paynes prairie - a sea of grasses when it isn't flooded.. .then a sea of water and dead grasses.

2) Kinds of Birds

Forest birds - warblers etc.

3) Wildlife

Anything is possible but we've seen armadillo, bison, deer, and wild horses.

4) Amenities

A place to drop in money and a parking lot. That is all.

5) Time Requirements

It takes 35 minutes to talk to the Prairie part and it's basically a loop ending there.


I like this trail a lot. It's mostly a forest trail but also you can walk down an earthen ramp into Paynes Prairie. In college I'd mountain bike here and a few highlights:

  • Running into very large alligators on the prairie around a corner so I got the TV-worthy hiss and swiping of the tail. It was fine but probably my worst alligator run in.
  • Bison - again I rounded a corner and there was a little grass clearing with this guy standing there blinking looking at me like he was announcing a side-quest in a video game. huge animal. And they leave huge piles of poop you'd see more often.
  • A mother and a couple baby armadillos circled around me and treated me like I was nothing to worry about like a tree or something.
  • Endless snakes would slither onto the road to sun themselves and be run over. ENDLESS. I'd bike over then and always worry a biter wouldn't be as dead as I thought.

Other than that it's a very quiet place except there are quite a few warbler/mixed-flock type birds in here. I'm guessing that's because the proximity of the prairie. The prairie itself is kind of neat to walk out on and you see some birds out there but it's not close to get to the water when it's not flooded. And even if it is flooded you're better going up the road to the boardwalk on 441 to see water birds.

Very nice trail - recommended.

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