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Apr 2018
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NOTE: Odd spot but birds were to be had
NOTE: In cooridor but spot is mostly cattle
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Wickham Rd From Vierra Until Entrance, N Wickham Rd and Lake Winder Rd., Rockledge, FL, Brevard, USA, 32955

1) What It's Like

Mostly cattle pastures and managed and abandoned land 3.5 miles from Vierra Wetlands. Totally exposed but some birds and odd vibe. We only did first part because you could see it was the same thing for a long ways in both directions. We did some of Yellow trail (south) but you could see White trail (north) was similar. Both do eventually reach the St.John's River. See map.

2) Kinds of Birds

Wading birds in canal/ditch coming in behaving somewhat differently. Meadowlarks in the fields with cattle in them. Random other things showed up for example shrikes.

3) Wildlife

It's a wildlife corridor along the St.John's but despite that it is just a bunch of cattle pastures - so not sure I'd expect to see much more than birds and cattle.

4) Amenities

A road to it and a place to park. No bathrooms etc.

5) Directions

Go west on the road Vierra Wetlands is on (Wickham road) for 3.5 miles on a dirt road along a canal and you're there. If you girlfriend is a big fan of Pride and Prejudice prepare for the name of the road to spark a long conversation about it.


6) Time Requirements

It's 9 miles of trails, most of that is out and back. So you could spend the better part of a day doing these but I definitely wouldn't think of it in summer. Also it seems like it would be really boring unless you were on bikes or knew the payoff on the end was fantastic.


We were at Vierra Wetlands which is a fantastic birding spot. On another application I wrote mapping out all potential birding and hiking spots (not live on the internet sorry) we noticed this was nearby - just 3.5 miles away. You head down a dirt road with a canal on one side and cattle pastures on the other. The land is a bit torn up with dams etc - not that that can't be interesting to look at.

You park and you can go north or south but you can see that it goes on a long ways without trees before turning on both sides. A bit late in day so we just did park of the south trail. The trail is basically more dirt road and there were cattle pastures (with cattle) on both sides. Sparrows were in ditch along one side. Meadowlarks were in fields and boldly on fence posts. Few odd birds along the way - shrikes for example. I assume they're on the way through since it's part of a wildlife cooridor / along the St.John's more or less.

Both do eventually reach the St.John's River. See map.

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