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Barr Hammock Preserve

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Jan 2019
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NOTE: Very exposed
NOTE: If you aren't into birds it could get old.
NOTE: Only been in winter but I'd count on them.
NOTE: Only been in winter but I'd count on them.
NOTE: Levee isn't grassy
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 14920 SE 11th Dr, Micanopy, FL, Alachua, USA, 32667

1) What It's Like

It is like a smaller version of nearby Paynes Prairie with a levee trail around it and great birds! A prairie that floods easily - I don't think it has the karsk drainage feature that Paynes Prairie has.

2) Kinds of Birds

We so lots of sparrows, we were lucky enough to catch the first flock of robins and cedar wax wings eating berries out of a tree, red winged black birds though oddly silent, wren (not sure which kind), wading birds, and warblers. Pretty incredible really.

3) Wildlife

There was lots of scat on the trails - I'm not great with IDing that. I would assume just about anything could be out there since it's pretty close to larger protected forests. There were signs about alligators that were a little more forceful than usual and if it's flooding they might be hanging out very close to where you walk - they were when we went.

4) Amenities

Nice signs but really just a parking lot.

5) Time Requirements

I believe it's a six mile loop so I'd give it 3-6 hours if you're stopping with regularity for birds etc.


We wanted to try something new while visiting old favorites in Gainesville and decided on this one, not expecting much. It turned out to be a winner pretty quickly. It's the kind of place where you have to tune in and pay attention - follow that bird on in the distance, zoom in - harrier. Double check those little birds 30ft ahead on the trail aren't the 1 millionth palm warbler - they're song sparrows. So that's part of the fun of this place is paying attention to sounds and movement to be payed off with an interesting bird. It's not a typical environment either so old birds are there with new behaviors in addition to the new birds.

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