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Upper Hillsborough Preserve

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Sep 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Co Rd 54 W of Berry Rd, Zephyrhills, FL, Hillsborough, USA, 33540

1) What It's Like

In summer at least it's a not cared for trail with a lot of road noise. It's a forest that's tall enough to be shaded but it doesn't seem very old - feels more like walking in weeds than walking in an ecosystem. I wouldn't come back here unless I was driving by it and just felt like a walk.

2) Kinds of Birds

Didn't see much. There's a pond but maybe we saw one egret. Granted summer is the least productive birding time. Have to assume typical forest birds but just didn't hear many bird calls/songs releative to other forests this time of year.

3) Wildlife

Hunting here so assume turkey and deer but we saw no sign on the part we did. Weeds might have covered up tracks.

4) Amenities

Barely a parking lot. I do think the trailhead sign is an original Rothko painting called "all black, existential crisis".

5) Directions

Co Rd 54  W of Berry Rd - between Berry Road and channel drive on the south side of road - pretty obvious. I believe there's another entrance on the SW side on Chancey road.

6) Dear Ranger

I'd rather you have 10 trails that are not maintained in summer than to have 5 that are - so not complaining that you don't clear vegetation in summer if it's a money/lack-of-use issue.

That said -

1) It was weird to have nothing on the trailhead sign

2) That sign-in sheet clicp board - doesn't it get wet? Not complaining - just seems impracticle.

3) Nobody else does this but I'd love it if you just put a prominant sheet of paper on the trailhead that says something like "TRAIL NOT MAINTANED JUNE THROUGH OCTOBER. EXPECT TALL GRASS AND DOWNED TREES. TAKE PRECAUTIONS FOR TICKS". Sometimes trails can seem passable until you're far in and committed.

7) Time Requirements

We didn't go far because it was boring and overgrown. BUT - from the map it looks like it's a couple miles to the center of the park or the closest walk to the river. I'd guestimate there's 10 miles of loop combinations but the park borders could and may contain more than the map. BUT - I can think of about 100 places I'd rather try to walk a lot of miles in.


We visited in summer - worst time for many reasons - and didn't get to see all that much of the place.  Still - I wouldn't visit here unless I was driving by and wanted a walking break. It IS a forest trail but lots of road noise and it feels young - not a mature ecosystem.

There are two entrances we tried - this one was the more remote and closer to a pond. We arrived and there's nothign on the trailhead sign and there's an empty sign-in sheet that's exposed to the elements. When we start walking it it's pretty overgrown.This was summer and since it's partly an WMA they might get most of their traffic in the winter when hunting is allowed. So maybe it gets better but

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