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Deleon Springs SP

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Andrew Thoreson
Aug 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 601 Ponce DeLeon Blvd, PO Box 1338, DeLeon Springs, FL, Volusia, USA, 32130

1) What It's Like

This spring itself is a sizable spring but it has the feel of more of a family pool/beach type setup on the surface and there's a historic pancake restaurant connected to it. In addition there's a short trail to a 500 year old cypress tree. Not covering here: 5 mile Wild Persimmon trail which I believe goes to Lake George State Forest.

2) Kinds of Birds

It wasn't a major hotspot but combine river and deep forest and you get some nice run-ins where you're not so far under the dense treetops to see them. We saw turkeys at entrance.

3) Wildlife

It's part of a group of forests such as Lake George State Forest that are all just connected to Ocala National Forest. So although you drive through suburbia to get here and there are families all over in a round little pool it could have quite a bit of wildlife. Turkeys were wandering at front gate.

4) Amenities

Everything a state park usually has plus the spring.

5) Time Requirements

Unless you swim or take the 5 mile trail I'd expect 30 minutes would cover it.


You arrive by driving through suburban neighborhood and it looks like what it was: a 50's tourist attraction - though it was used in that capacity since the 1800s. Also they found the oldest canoe in the western hemisphere in the spring - 5-6000 years old.

When we pulled up there was a wild turkey which as a bit of a surprise but it makes sense when you look at a map and zoom out: it's all connected to the mass of forest that is Ocala National Forest. We didn't do the Wild Permission trail (5 miles) but I'd expect you would see wildlife on that.

The spring itself is gorgeous but it's been modified from it's natural state - it's a round pool on the surface. Attached to it is Old Spanish Sugar Mill restaurant where you prepare pancakes at your table. The river from here is pretty and wild.

There's also a short trail to a 500 year old cypress that was dense and pretty.

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