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Shopping-Tourist Spot: St.Armands Circle

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May 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 431 St Armands Cir, Sarasota, FL, Sarasota, USA, 34236

1) What It's Like

A traffic circle with shops around it by Lido Beach and downtown Sarasota. A lot of snooty people but generally more pleasant than not. Great espresso and gelato.

2) Directions

The round about can be confusing. You'd generally come over the bridge from downtown Sarasota - and that horrid baby boomer pandering WW2 statue. That's John Ringling Blvd. There are 4 exits - techinically 2 are Ringling Blvd and 2 are Blvd of the Presidents. There are parking garages but you can often park just a block or two beyond the shops. Lido beach is straight across the circle (so 2nd turnoff). Just walk onto the beach - it's a wide beach to reach the water. Fun fact: used to be a nude beach. 

3) Time Requirements

I'd give it an hour.


If you want to have a Lexus stop in the middle of traffic blocking everyone so they can wait for someone to get in the car and be completely oblivous that other people exist - this is the place. Let's get that out of the way - TONS of entitled mildly-rich people. And most stores cater to that crowd - overpriced not so great restaurants, boutiques that sell retired women clothes that only retired women would wear in Sarasota or South Tampa. So all that negativity out of the way - it's a big traffic circle with shops that is open at night and you can walk along Lido beach up the road. The only gelato and cafe /espresso shop I've been to in the US that seemed like it would fit in Italy is here (it's tiny and easy to miss). If you're in Sarasota and want to get out around people it can be nice.

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