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Lower Suwannee NWR Shelll Mound Trail

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Mar 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: End of SW 78 Pl, Cedar Key, FL, Levy, USA, 32625

1) What It's Like

It's salt water marsh grass, muddy water, tons of oyster beds, and a lot of little islands to see from a small fishing pier. There's also a midden trail on the way in - a pile of oyster shells making a hill from native Americans who ate a ton of oysters.

2) Kinds of Birds

Mostly wading birds and shore birds though others do show up.

3) Wildlife

I could believe anything - probably raccoons at night feeding on oysters and leftover stuff. Still although it's surrounded by a lot of wilderness it's mostly saltwater and islands so you're not likely to see much here. Also the water tends to be shallow so I wouldn't expect dolphins.

4) Amenities

I don't recall seeing a chem toilet but maybe.

5) Time Requirements

30 minutes is probably enough not including the drive out.


Driving in you kind of wonder where you're going but you do eventually reach the entrance. At first it's a lot of somewhat young dense oaks you drive through then there's a parking circle. Behind in those oaks is a path up the hill for the Native American midden. Ahead and covering most of your sight is a vista of little islands with trees, salt water mud flats / grassy marsh and oyster beds. In there you'll see a fair number of birds - mostly wading birds, likely a fair number of people fishing, kayaking, etc - though it's a large space so it doesn't seem crowded. It's also just a pretty spot. I'd say it's worth stopping.

Also check out the duck pond to the left of the Cedar Key Scrub SF as you're driving out here.

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