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Weedon Island Preserve

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Andrew Thoreson
Feb 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1800 Weeden Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33702

1) What It's Like

A fun urban hike through mangrove spamp adjacent trails. Can be hot and exposed in summer but parts are shaded.

2) Kinds of Birds

Towhees in the scrub along the paved trail especially. Lots of heron/egret type birds. And St.Pete in general gets warblers passing through though I can't say this spot gets too many compared to better spots.

3) Wildlife

We've seen a large eastern diamondback, several gopher tortoise, and racoons. Good for being as urban as it is.

4) Amenities

If the education center is closed there's no bathroom but you can drive 10 minutes to a gas station. The boardwalks are very nice though.

5) Directions

You can park on the side of the road to get to some trails at their endings but basically you park at the education center. .

6) Dear Ranger

Good job!

7) Time Requirements

You can stop for 20 minutes or spend several hours. Usually we're done within an hour.


Weedon is an area of mangrove swamp and dry land / kind-of-forest next to it that managed not to get developed before they set it aside. Part of why the set it aside is because they've found some important native american archeological sites including an 1100 year old canoe. When park there's an education center. You can go to the right and check out the mangrove boardwalks and an observation tower. It's nice but it's not much for birding. If you walk past the education center there are a couple trails - one goes down a long mangrove tunnel / raised trail. Some of the more interesting heron type birds are hidden in there and it's fun and spooky. If you come back out and follow the trails around some more there's some birding - one of the best places to repeatedly see towhees. The trails are pretty hot and exposed in summer though. Part of the attraction is just the fact that it's easy to get to in Tampa/St.Pete.

If you wanter around enough you can spot what's left of what was an airport here long ago.

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