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District Line Road

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Andrew Thoreson
Oct 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: District Line Rd, Fort Meade, FL, Polk, USA, 33841

1) What It's Like

A road in phosphate country that happens to have a good amount of birding and a sort of nice view.

2) Kinds of Birds

We saw sparrows, kestrel, eagle, and we missed some like I think towhee and warblers. Past this road at the confederate cemetary we saw turkeys.

3) Wildlife

This place is so desloate from the mining (I assume) that I'd be surprised to see a racoon. Past this road a ways we did see turkey though.

4) Amenities

Privacy - you can't see signs of humans other than the road depending where you stop. Less threatening signs from phosphate company than agricola road to the north.

5) Directions

We hit this coming from the south. Use our GPS coordinate on map link to see where we stopped more or less if you want.

6) Time Requirements

The drive here might get to you but other than that we spent like 30 minutes looking for birds.


Another road in the bone valley area - land torn up by phosphate mining. Unlike some others we were actually able to see something worth stopping that wasn't completely occluded by no trespassing signs from phosphate company. It's a fairly pretty road - lots of orange groves on the approach. It turns into a red clay road for some reason. Along the road we saw lots of sparrows, meadlowlark, several kestrels, eagles in the pine trees. It's a bit of a drive but we'd at least go a little out of the way to visit this spot again. You can stop wherever you want - you just walk along the road - but one spot has shrubs big enough for some birds to hide in and a line of pines.

Paynes Creek Historic State Park is pretty close by - worth stopping by while you're around - nice little museum and some scrub and other trails.

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