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Flatford Swamp Preserve Myakka River

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Dec 2021
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NOTE: Ridiculously short trails and by the road
NOTE: Not abandoned so much as never developed
 LOCATION: Accuracy: Read me
Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 39450 Taylor Rd, Myakka City, FL, Manatee, USA, 34251

1) What It's Like

You can get out of the car and walk along the road inside the fence in deep (hard to walk in) sand.... and not for long. Utterly useless.

2) Kinds of Birds

The photo of the Caracara was on fence on the way there - I wouldn't expect to see them there. You can't reach anything so who knows if there are birds.

3) Wildlife

You can't reach anything so who knows.

4) Amenities

There isn't even a sign anymore so - none.

5) Directions

Read this and don't go.

6) Dear Ranger

I look forward to trails being developed if that's in the cards.

7) Time Requirements

10 minutes of scratching your head saying to yourself "this can't be all there is".


I think I covered it above.

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