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Perico Preserve

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Oct 2021
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 11700 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL, Manatee, USA, 34209

1) What It's Like

Pretty municipal park, weird terrain - not normal for the area, you can see neighboring houses from half the park, plants on drip irrigation - hopefully that's a temporary thing for new plants. Worth stopping though. Freakishly high number of ducks in the little pond.


2) Kinds of Birds

There should be wading and ocean birds but what stood out were the ducks at the pond near the entrance.

3) Wildlife

It's on a desolate island shared with condos - not much wildlife likely.

4) Amenities

Parking. You have to drive back to mainland or on to next island for a gas station I believe.

5) Time Requirements

It's not very big - even an hour might be too much.


It's pretty but so far at least it seems more like a garden than a preserve. Or rather than calling it a preserve it's a "restoration effort". Plants seem very intentional for the most part and many have drip irrigation (temporary hopefully). You can see condos from much of the park which stinks a bit. The duck pond in front works - gallinules, scaups (in winter), etc - it seems like such an unlikely place for a freshwater pond somehow though. I have trouble believing it is natural with that much algae and growth on this dry sandy island. Most of the place is just short brown grasses. Nice vista but if it's anywhere near summer it's not where you want to be for long. If you continue and go around the bigger pond you reach the shore and mangroves.

So - I'd like to see it again or just see the ducks but I'm curious if it's going to turn into something more authentic or not.

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