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Clearwater Beach

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Oct 2021
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NOTE: Go in evening.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 7 Causeway Blvd , Clearwater Beach, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33767

1) What It's Like

Tampa's version of Daytona with a Scientoogy chaser. It seems like the jersey shore demographic was coaxed down here and corralled into this one spot, nice and safely out of everyone's business. You know some tourism chamber of commerce type cabal had to have designed this thing. I'd say this is the ugliest beach in the areas - but it IS the closest drive to a beach from the Tampa airport. On weekend night's it's one very loud foot traffic party. Some people find it fantastic, some don't.

2) Kinds of Birds

Don't come here for birds but it is a beach so gulls, pelicans, etc.

3) Wildlife

Definitely drunk people.

4) Amenities

Plenty of alcohol. Parking is the one thing you might have trouble with. I'd suggest looking at a map of parking spots online before you arrive.

5) Directions

Parking webpage. If that doesn't work here's a google search. or duck duck go.


Any place where people get together to do anything is great IMHO. But this could be much better. Weekend evenings is the time it gets busy - Disney world level crowds. You might see buskers/street performers but the quality of the street vendors seems to have plummeted to people grabbing a handful of the most mass produced junk from Tarpon Springs gift shops and all sell from the same box. The view along the pier is nice but this is the worst beach in the Tampa area - it's just the quickest drive from the Tampa airport. Zero waves - the further south you get the nicer it is usually. There's tons of little restaurants and bars. The demographic tends to be like I said northern city 20 somethings on vacation.

If you want a much more sedate and older demographic where people are again coralled into one spot - try John's pass in St.Pete or St.Armands in Sarasota.

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