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Gandy Bridge Causeway Beach

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Andrew Thoreson
Oct 2017
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NOTE: Snails, crabs, fish - not woods
NOTE: Not grassy but sandy
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: US-92, Saint Petersburg, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33702

1) What It's Like

A causeway beach. Nobody maintains it really, not really for simming but some birds and people drinking and playing with jetskis depending on day of week. Kind of pretty still.

2) Kinds of Birds

Mostly shorebirds, gulls, and egrets/herons. Though odd things stop in the mangrove trees on north side.  I wouldn't go expecting parrots (try Northshore beach downtown) but saw some last time there.

3) Wildlife

It's a nice place to wade in the water, especially the north side and look close and you'll see fish, snails, crabs.

4) Amenities

Zero but gas stations up the road.

5) Time Requirements

1 to 30 minutes.


This goes from south Tampa to the city of St.Pete. The St.Pete side (the side with the antennas) has beach on either side. You'll have some folks walking in the water maybe fishing on the north and on the south if it's the weekend you get the type who drink and/or use their jetskis or waterski like any causeway. You might see shorebirds on the south side and interesting things (like parrots sometimes) on the north side - might as well check both while you're there.It's also a nice place to wade in the water - just do the stingray shuffle (slide your feet, don't stomp so you don't get poked by a stingray.... it's unlikely).

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