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Town: Lake Placid

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Nov 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 115 W Interlake Blvd, Lake Placid, FL, Highlands, USA, 33852

1) What It's Like

A unique city that's a fun cultural stop while visiting hiking trails in the area.

2) Directions

Opposite side of lake from Lake June In Winter SP. Near Sebring and Highlands Hammock SP to a lesser degree. The drive around the north shore of Lake June In Winter was what we did and seemed like it might be the best.

3) Time Requirements

We had dinner and walked around for 30 minutes but it might be fun to spend a few hours exploring more.


We arrived here just after sunset - we'd sent the day hiking Highlands Hammock SP, Lake June in Winter SP, and watching our first Caracaras on a roadside. So - we didn't really get to see as much of this town as we'd liked to but we'd heard of it in books about florida towns etc. It has some unusual claims to fame - 98% of the world's cadmium bulbs (a house plant) are grown here. In the early 90s they let mural artists loose - other cities only now seem to be discovering this idea in other parts of the state. And they are very impressive murals artistically. Lastly don't miss walking past the clown school - it's got some eye catching artwork - sweet or creepy - it depends on the viewer. The drive from Lake June In Winter along the north shore around to the city was intersting as well. A bit hilly and a lot of pretty nice houses. The city has a different feel from most other areas in Florida. Also when driving here you go from rural nothing to full city out of the blue. We might have just been in the wrong place but at night the city seemed abandoned.

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