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Christian Road

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Sep 2018
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NOTE: Zero tree cover but you don't really walk around here
NOTE: Not a hike
NOTE: Dirt road - and a difficult one.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 36850 Christian Rd, Dade City, FL, Pasco, USA, 33523

1) What It's Like

Rural residential dirt road. Hilly fields and unusual birds show up more often than many places.

2) Kinds of Birds

Meadlow larks common. Bluebirds. Saw a Merlin. Swallow tailed kites can be seen some days. Red headed woodpeckers sometimes.

3) Wildlife

Cattle and squirels

4) Amenities

None - a dirt road.

5) Directions

There's not really a right answer as to where on this road - it's just a cool place to have a peek at. Use map and coordinates on side. We usually park next to open field on right side towards the hill.

6) Time Requirements

Unlikely you'd want to stick around more than 15 minutes unless you were checking something interesting out.


This area in general: Powerline road, Trilby road, Lockhardt, and down here Christian road are all interesging though Christian is maybe not the most. It's unsual hilly areas that are mostly fields but some forest mixed in. One day you might see dozens of swallow tailed kites in one tree, another 100's of purple martins, and most always you can hear or see meadow larks. Christian road in partituar is mostly residential - though large yards. It ends with a one lane bizare dug out road that continues on in such a way you really need a pickup to continue. Not a must see but last time we were there we saw our first Merlin. We generally park on the right side of the road by the open field and see if anything shows up.

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