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Orlando Wetlands Park

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Andrew Thoreson
Nov 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 25155 Wheeler Rd., Christmas, FL, Orange, USA, 32709

1) What It's Like

Trails between man made ponds/lakes. Full of water birds - mostly wading birds and ducks. Also some forest trail on the edge. Small education center on site, nice bathrooms, can ride large golf cart around with ranger.

2) Kinds of Birds

Anything that has anything to do with water plus a few more. It's not only attractive to birds but between other large forests. Lots of whistling ducks, one of few places seen coots year round, if there's any heron or egret on your to-see list this will likely check it off.

3) Wildlife

Between large forests so anything is possible - people say bobcat, deer, rattlesnake, turkey, etc.

4) Amenities

Nice bathrooms, small education center.

5) Time Requirements

The most bird-dense spots are near beginning so you can make it short or easily spend half a day.


This is an incredible place for birding. It's basically a biological filter to polish mostly treated sewage from I presume some part of Orlando. So it channels water between different artificial ponds/lakes so plants turn nutrients into more plants. In our experience the most interesting way to do this park is to enter and keep going forward. The first pond/lake on the right side has the most birds and alligators in it. There's a weir that looks like it goes to a the other side but it ends prematurely. That's often fun to walk but be on the watch for alligators in close quarters. We've had less luck on the left side of the park. If you do the loop from the back of the park around the right and back there's some wildlife and trails in the forest - seen deer, turkey, rattlesnakes. But it's a longer walk than it appears to be.

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