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Scrub Ridge Trail

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Oct 2017
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NOTE: Floods some.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Courtenay Pkwy N, Titusville, FL, Brevard, USA, 32782

1) What It's Like

A very exposed scrub trail advertising Florida scrubjays. Along the road around Meritt Island.

2) Kinds of Birds

Should be Florida scrubjays - they tend to come out and greet you as well. We saw eagles flying and that is about it - but again - we barely did any of this trail.

3) Wildlife

I'm not sure what lives on Merrit Island. Most of Florida has SOME chance of bear but I found it odd that here had zero chance according to maps I read. It's isolated enough you'd expect racoon at least.

4) Amenities

Just a parking area.

5) Directions

I believe our GPS coordinates are correct. It was south of the canal with the manatees on the east/ocean side.

6) Time Requirements

It's a 1 mile loop so probably 40 minutes.


We were out exploring the road along the northeast side of Indian River Lagoon (land side, not the barrier island further out to the northeast) and checked this one out. We decided to stop pretty early on because it was a hot very exposed trail. BUT there are supposed to be a good number of Florida scrubjays here. It was flooded pretty well while other trails in the area were not so be aware of that possibility.

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