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Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

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Oct 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 444 Columbia Blvd., Titusville, FL, Brevard, USA, 32780

1) What It's Like

Municipal forest park. Mostly oak and palm. Fair birding. Not a bad stop, not a must see.

2) Kinds of Birds

Pretty good number of forest birds, especially catbirds. Trees are somewhat short oaks so you can see birds rather than in a tall canopy you can't really see.

3) Wildlife

We saw nothing but it's near the edge of Indian River so there might be something here.

4) Amenities

Education center, bathrooms, etc.

5) Time Requirements

You could stop for a quick walk. I believe the trails are 2.5 miles total.


We wanted to stop at different places around Indian River (the water land-side of Merritt Island) and tried this out. It is a pleasant walk and there are some birds but I'm not sure it's a tremendous experience. There seemed to be a lot of shorter oaks and the areas of low exposed scrub mixed in.

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