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Sep 2018
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NOTE: SEEMED good from 5 minutes at entrance
NOTE: WMA - so don't expect much
NOTE: Deer hunting here -so be careful
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: NW 160th St and NW 90th Ave, Trenton, FL, Gilchrist, USA, 32693

1) What It's Like

This looked like a very promising forest but unfortunately they closed it down completely to anyone who didn't have a hunting permit. Rangers / hunt-supervisors were very friendly.

2) Kinds of Birds

I assume your typical forest bird kind of experience.

3) Wildlife

Seems to have a lot judging from the hunter's interest and seemed like right forest for it.

4) Amenities

Not much - WMAs don't bother with bathrooms most of the time.


We pulled in on our way from Manatee Springs State Park to Fanning Springs State Park. It was close to highway and as we approached we thought - this looks good! But then we saw hunters (it was an odd season for this) then the guy standing up ahead and yep - not just hunting but closed to entry unless you have a permit. He let us drive in a ways to read the signs and we hope to return sometime soon.

Check the website to make sure it's open and if it's hunting season bring your blaze orange vest.

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