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Lake Apopka McDonald Canal Boatramp Area

Birding / Hiking / Adventuring Roadtrip Info

Andrew Thoreson
Mar 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 24693 County Rd 448A, Mt.Dora, FL, Lake, USA, 32757

1) What It's Like

Mostly closed when we went but saw a good amount of birds and wildlife so would recommend checking it out. From what I can tell it's a boat ramp, canals, and a road but there are a lot of birds in the area.

2) Kinds of Birds

Forest birds - raptors, wren, gnatcatchers, etc.

3) Wildlife

We saw racoon and it looked deer friendly.

4) Amenities

Boat ramp and parking lot. Not sure if there were bathrooms.

5) Time Requirements

I think you park and walk around a bit - it's not miles of trails from what I can tell.


This was right after hurricane Irma so most of it was closed off - hopefully this isn't like some St.Johns River Water Management District lands where they are constantly closed and constantly pretend it's just for today.... but the signs mentioned Irma by name and it looked temporary.So - we didn't get to walk too far. BUT - there were a good number of birds and even a bit of wildlife and it looked like the dirt roads out of here might be promising. So file this under might be a good place to check out if you're driving through the area.

The official website is a new low. It's a tiny picture of a boat ramp and no text.

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